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SA2015 Certified helmets are now available,
although inventory levels by some manufacturers is low.

We focus on and sell the Snell SA Standard of Helmets!

What are the differences between the SA, M and K standards?
SA Standard was designed for auto racing while M Standard was for motorcycling and other motorsports. There are three major differences between them:

  • SA standard requires flammability test while the M and K standards does not;
  • SA and K standard allows narrower visual field than M standard (Some SA and K helmets may not be street legal);
  • SA and K standard has rollbar impact test while M standard does not.
  • In addition the SA2015 standard includes a M6 insert for the frontal head restraint.

The full Snell SA2015 spec is available here.

All Helmets from each manufacturer are available.
These are only a small selection with pricing.
Stilo SA2015
Open Face with Intercom
Snell SA2015 Hans FIA8858-10
WRC DES Composite Rally intercom $1250.00
Open face with Intercom
Snell SA2015 Hans FIA8858-10
WRC DES Carbon Rally intercom $2450.00 Open face with Intercom
Snell SA2015 Hans FIA8858-10
ST5GT Composite with electronics $1350.00 Full Face with Intercom
Snell SA2015 Hans FIA8858-10
ST5GT Carbon Turismo electronics $2750.00 Full Face with Intercom
Snell SA2015 Hans FIA8858-10
Peltor   No longer available
G-79 N/A Open Face with Intercom - White

Stilo Helmets SA2015

Stilo WRC 03Stilo WRC DES Composite SA2015

The WRC DES helmets are distinguished by their integrated microphone boom and superior Electronics integration. They are widely used in the World Rally Championship and offer unparalleled safety in an open face helmet.

The WRC DES Composite helmet has the same shape and fit as the WRC DES 8860 helmet, but without the extra thick 100% Carbon Fiber shell. It is formed in the same manner as the 8860, but with a Kevlar/Fiberglass mix which yields a competitively priced helmet without sacrificing shell integrity and weight.

The integrated microphone boom sets the WRC DES apart from other open face helmets and gives a secure location for communications equipment.

Features an M6 nut integrated into the shell to interface with Head and Neck Restraint Systems.

The optional visor is a high quality flip-up smoked visor with a safety lock for the open position. It can be removed if needed. visor is a high quality flip-up smoked visor with a safety lock for the open position. It can be removed if needed

$1295. CDN with HANS Posts and Microphone

$2495. CDN in Carbon Fibre with HANS Posts and Microphone

Stilo Trophy PlusStilo Trophy DES SA2015

The Stilo Trophy DES Range of helmets are high quality, light weight, open face helmets that all meet the latest Snell standard. Offered with different levels of electronics integration, they provide the perfect helmet for Autocross participants, or Rally drivers looking for excellent in-car communication and visibility.

The Trophy Plus DES is a high quality open face helmet with features out of its price class. Carrying the latest Snell rating, this Kelvar/Fiberglass Composite helmet is primarily aimed at Rally drivers and navigators not required to wear an FIA 8860 helmet. It is also perfect for Autocross use where the confines of a closed-face helmet are not absolutely necessary.

The Trophy Plus DES has integrated communications equipment as well as Stilo’s proprietary Noise Attenuating Earmuffs which not only give you a more comfortable aural environment, but help make the helmet fit better. Features an M6 nut integrated into the shell to interface with Head and Neck Restraint Systems.


Trophy Plus DES: $1095 CDN with HANS Posts and Headset

Stilo SR3Stilo ST5 GT SA2015

The Stilo ST4 GT W is designed to satisfy those closed cockpit drivers who yearn for a larger eyeport. The cutout for the eyeport is taller than the standard Formula version and has a special visor to accommodate the larger opening.

The ST4 GT W carries a Snell 2010 certification which satisfies almost all racing sanctioning bodies’ requirements for helmet certifications.

Available with integrated Electronics, Air Supply and Hydration or any combination of the three, this helmet offers flexibility while maintaining a clean cabin. There are no wires or hoses hanging down below the helmet – everything integrates seamlessly with the shell of the helmet.

Features an M6 nut integrated into the shell for interfacing with Head and Neck Restraints.

The ST4 GT W Composite Helmet is exactly the same as the ST4 Formula Carbon, but has a slightly heavier Kevlar/Multi-Sandwich Fiber shell. It carries the same Snell 2010 certification as the Carbon helmet, but uses more material to gain the necessary strength to meet the requirements. This yields a slightly heavier helmet, but at a reduced cost.

The ST4 comes with a 3mm clear visor for the absolute best in protection. Also available are Yellow, Smoked and Irridium shields for driving in different lighting circumstances. All Visors mount with four specially machined aluminum fasteners and provide an air-tight seal with the rubber grommet on the helmet.

Stilo ST5W GT Wide $1395. CDN
Stilo ST5W GT Wide Carbon $2795. CDN

Stilo Intercoms

Stilo makes high quality amplifiers for in-car communication between driver and co-driver. These amplifiers are available with Bluetooth and backup radio capability.

WRC03 $350

Stilo Helmet Sizing

53-54 cm Extra Small
55-56 cm Small
57-58 cm Medium
59-60 cm Large
61-62 cm Extra Large, Race and Rally Equipment | Alberta is a Calgary, Albert, Canada based source of performance parts and safety equipment for race and rally teams. Focusing on legal racing activities whether that is drag racing, sports car racing, stock cars, sprint cars, drifting, off road 4x4 and street/show cars, we can provide the equipment needed as teams and drivers try to improve the performance of their vehicles to GO RACING and WIN RACES!
To order this product call us at (403) 277-6291 or 1-866-277-6291 or use the contact page for email and web contact.
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