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Coralba Rally ComputersThe reliability of the Coralba instruments has made them the preferred choice for anyone competing in rallying. This position has been achieved through their robustness, accuracy and simplicity.

The Coralba products, with their aluminium housings, are designed to endure the
toughest stages of a Paris-Dakar rally, and still not add more weight than needed. The very distinct buttons and LED displays are appreciated by world leading co-drivers when competing under tough circumstances. The Coralba robustness is not just a feeling, but it also ensures a low life-cycle cost.

The Coralba products are chosen by highway safety engineers throughout the world thanks to their accuracy. The tripmeter is very easy to calibrate and shows correct values to a tolerance typically better than 0.03%. The rally computer measures time, distance and speed with the same high accuracy, and can
also be used as a precision fuel gauge. The Coralba accuracy is a value that you can depend on.

User friendliness is a trademark of the Coralba rally computers. Their logical and
consequent registers make them easy to use. The Coralba Giant can be customised to show your favourite functions in different displays and with the programmable remotes you perform the most used commands without letting go of your notes. The Coralba rally computers are easy to install and their
small size make them easy to .t into the cramped co-driver environment. The Coralba simplicity lets you focus on the competition.

Coralba has for over 25 years produced high quality rally computers that are easy to use and install. They were developed together with WRC teams to meet the extreme demands of top level rally competing. Still today, Coralba has the most advanced rally computers generally available for serious rally teams.

All Coralba rally products have been designed for 24 hours use and easy installation. The buttons are internally illuminated to indicate which function has been selected. The case is made of a strong aluminium profile to protect the electronics in extreme temperatures and physical environments.

Coralba C-GiantCoralba Giant
Coralba Giant is the most popular rally computer today. It contains the same basic functions as a Coralba Rally, but also a lot of more sophisticated aid for the advanced co-driver. The three displays can be set independently of each other to show the chosen functions. Two user de. ned remote controls may be connected. With an optional communication port a remote display unit and a computer may be connected. Even though the possibilities with Coralba Giant are very comprehensive it is just as easy to use as a Coralba Rally.

Power: 12 volt (24 volt optional)
Operating temperature: -25°C to +85°C
Shock: 100G
Size: 193 x 45 x 60 mm
Weight: 370 grams

$1295.00 C-Giant System
$1495.00 C-Giant with View Display Connector
$595.00 External C-View Display

Coralba C-RallyCoralba Rally
This is the base version and very popular among amateur teams, as it enhance the performance of the co-driver during a rally. It contains all the functions as described on the functionality page. It is very easy to install and use.

Power: 12 volt (24 volt optional)
Operating temperature: -25°C to +85°C
Shock: 100G
Size: 128 x 45 x 60 mm
Weight: 330 grams

$975.00 C-Rally

Coralba MiniCoralba Mini
This is the mini version of Coralba Rally and fullfils the demands of the beginner. It is built in the same way with the same reliability as the professional models. It is simple to install and use and the functions are a good balanced subset for the user with a low budget. It has two tripmeters counting in one direction and two time registers. It can also show actual speed.

Power: 12 volt (24 volt optional)
Operating temperature: -25°C to +85°C
Shock: 100G
Size: 78 x 45 x 60 mm
Weight: 180 grams

$700.00 C-Mini

Coralba Sensors

Coralba GPS Speed SensorGPS controlled tripmeter
Coralba / Jemba now has available a GPS Speed Sensor for any of the rally computers from Coralba.

We can now introduce a recce set which is installed in any car in 5 minutes.

It picks up its speed information (no coordinates) from the satellites in the GPS system. Therefore your rally computer doesn’t need any connection to a speed sensor in the car and also doesn’t need any calibration.

Terratrip Rally Computers

Terratrip 303+ Rally ComputerTerratrip 303+

With over 30 years experience in the design and development of motorsport rally technology, Terratrip are one of the market leaders and provide high accuracy rally computers which are robust and reliable.

This latest Terratrip 303 Plus V3 has the following features -

  • Two distance displays (total up to 999.99 and interval up to 99.99)
  • Speed Indication
  • Stopwatch
  • Time of day (which automatically freezes when the stopwatch is stopped)
  • Speed and average display
  • Selectable for miles or kilometres calibration
  • Stores 2 calibration settings even when powered down
  • Backlit display
  • Count up and count down facility
  • Split (freeze) function
  • Optional remote display for speed
  • Interval distance or average speed
  • Two probe inputs
  • Option remote zeroing available (See accessories)
  • User selectable high resolution
  • The 302 Plus V3 requires a sensor (probe) to operate (See accessories for options)

Standard $419.00
Remote Display Model $529.00

Terratrip 202+ Similar to 303+ but without time options $319.00

Terratrip 101+ Rally ComputerTerratrip 101+

The 101 Plus is a compact and lightweight rally computer which has been designed to be simple to use. Using the latest graphical display on the single screen showing distance to four digits (up to 99.99) and two decimal places. The display can easily be user calibrated to either miles or km and distance calibration can be set manually or automatically.
Other features include - count up or count down for distance, adjustable back light and contrast levels.

Dimensions - 112 x 76 27mm

Weight - 115g


Alfa Rally Computers

Alfa Elite TSD Rally ComputerThe ALFA-Elite sets the standard for rally computers, with more features for less money. Our customers prove it regularly by winning rallies!

All ALFA-Elite computers feature the latest state-of-the-art OLED back lit display which is easily read in all lighting conditions and viewing angles.

A non-volatile memory remembers your factors, mileage's, log entry, and customized setup even when the ALFA is removed from the car for extended periods.

The ALFA-Elite has dual odometer sensor inputs, with individual factors, to insure safety. Also, the computer will operate either with or without its drivers display attached.

Alfa Elite Drivers DisplayThe ALFA-Elite operates in Miles or Kilometers, and displays distance in increments of .01 or .001. Time may be displayed and computed in your
choice of seconds, hundredths, or thousandths of a minute.

One of the cool new features for 2012 is the driver's display which may be
disconnected from the computer at any time while both continue to run.
The main unit will continue to rally, while the driver's display becomes
a checkpoint clock with memories. While separated, the driver's display
may be synchronized with the main time clock for the rally, and then
when reconnected to the main unit that will synchronize as well. This
is an industry first and gives you 2 tools for the price of one!

  • New for 2012:
    Organic LED displays for 100% readability any time
    (Old style LCD display still available as an option)
  • Front panel light for easier night operation
  • All connections via standard round DIN connectors
  • Driver's display operates independantly as a checkpoint clock
  • Syncs to the ALFA-Club and ALFA-Checkpoint
    "Open Road Racing" mode. (ie: Silver State Classic, etc.)
  • Special Driver features:
    Low Profile Driver's display
    Organic LED displays for 100% readability any time
    "NULL METER" analog style readout
  • High precision digital timing error readout
    CAS display
    Factor corrected speedometer
  • Incremental, Course, and Countdown odometer
  • Drivers button to reset incremental mileage
  • 5.5" x 2.3" x 1.5"
  • Navigator features:
  • OLED display technology
  • User friendly, guess free entry
  • On the fly" timing and course corrections
  • Instant CAS error leg recalculation
  • Time and Distance in Hundredths, Thousandths, or Seconds
  • Dual odometer inputs with separate correction factors
  • Automatic factor calculation
  • SIX DIGIT odometer correction factor
  • Countdown alarm with audible beeper
  • Automatic event logging and last HOLD recall
  • Logs all CAS changes and timing corrections
  • Compact and light - 7.7" x 5.1" x 2.0", ~1 lb.
    Aircraft aluminum enclosure with baked enamel finish, Hard mounting points, and integral sunshade.

Price includes Navigator's console, Driver's display,
Wiring harness and one Sending unit.

$995.00 CDN

Alfa Pro Rally ComputerThe ALFA-Pro - Odometer/Clock/Timer

A long time favorite, the ALFA-Pro is designed to meet
the challenges of both PRO and TSD rallying. Rugged
and reliable, the ALFA-Pro will provide years of faithful
rally service.

  • ALFA-Pro features:
  • Super High Contrast OLED display technology
    (Old style LCD display still available as an option)
  • Front panel light for night operation
  • Dual odometers read in Hundredths or Thousandths
  • Six digit correction factor for super precise mileage (or Kilometers)
  • Dual odometer input with separate correction factors
  • Automatic factor calculation
  • Speedometer readout
  • Clock works in Seconds or Hundredths
  • Elapsed timer
  • Target TIME and DISTANCE countdowns
  • Zero-on-Hold to clear incremental time and distance together
  • Performance timer measures 0-60 and 1/4 mile
  • Compact and light - 7.7" x 5.1" x 2.0"
    Aircraft aluminum enclosure with baked enamel finish,
    Hard mounting points and integral sunshade
    Standard round cables and connectors
  • Optional drivers display:
    Low Profile Driver's display
    Super High Contrast OLED display technology
    Shows the driver Time, Speed, and Distance
    Shows countdowns
    Not effected by HOLD or navigator inputs
    Purchase with your Pro, or upgrade at any future time
    May be "Hot Plugged", and operates as an independent Checkpoint Clock
  • 5.5" x 2.3" x 1.5"

Alfa Club / CPThe ALFA-Club economy
Memory Clock/Odometer

The ALFA-Checkpoint has been the leading rally clock on the market since 1983, and its newest incarnation as the ALFA-Club is the best yet. In addition to its function as a checkpoint clock with memories, the ALFA-Club incorporates a DUAL CORRECTABLE odometer as well!

Perfect for Unequipped class TSD rallies, Stage rallies or just working controls. Some of the great features include:

  • Clock in seconds or hundredths of a minute
  • 32 memories for operation at busy checkpoints
  • Memorized readings do not go away until cleared by the user!
  • Selectable 1/10 second readout or 1/1000 minute readout
  • Dual correctable Odometers - reads to 1/1000 mile (or kilometer)
  • Simplest possible, totally intuitive operation
  • Clock sync
  • New super high contrast display with adjustable backlight
  • Operates from a single 9 volt battery (or optional 12 volt cord)
  • 7.5" x 4" x 1.1"

Brantz Rally Computers

Brantz Laser 3 Rally ComputerBrantz Laser 3

The Brantz Laser 3 precision rally computer is the most sophisticated and accurate instrument ever. It shows six digit distance scrolling to three decimal places on two of the ultra-clear LED readouts via four digit windows, plus eight digit time of day including hundredths of a second, and two independent stopwatches.

A leap forward in technology allows car performance tuning to be optimised by measuring standing 1/4 mile, standing kilometre and accelerations to 60 and 100 along with current, average and maximum speeds (either mph or kph). There is a digital fuel gauge and self switch-off.

Options include new radio controlled Pro-Remote control unit which has it's own screen and can be used as a drivers display to watch speed, distance, fuel, stopwatches etc. This remote will connect directly to a portable PC to record stages or will (if used as a remote zeroing unit) permit the rapid 'split' distance pre-entry to be done from the remote as well as controlling the distance and timing functions.

All Brantz sensors are compatible with the Laser 3. Case dimensions 140mm x 80mm x 35mm.


Brantz International 2 SThe Brantz International 2 'S' Pro has two large four digit distance readouts, plus a three digit speedometer which shows in the same units as the meter (i.e. mph or kph). The meter will count distance up or down and the total can be frozen and/or edited to any desired reading for alignment with organiser's road books etc. The third readout (speed) can be switched over to the average speed readout which shows as 00.0 format very precisely and will calculate an average up to a 24 hour period. This period can be initiated under full manual control even whilst on the move.

Switching back and forth from speed to average speed does not interrupt the average speed calculations. Calibration is via manually set switches which never lose their settings. A drillable aluminium back mounting plate is included. The case dimensions are approx. 120mm x 100mm x 50mm.


Universal Speedometer ProbesSpeedo SensorSpeedo Sensor

Terratrip or Brantz

$50.00 ea

Japanese Speedometer ProbesJapanese Gearbox Probe

Terratrip or Brantz

$50.00 e

Magnetic SensorMagnetic Probes

Terratrip or Brantz

$50.00 ea


Terratrip Remote Zero Units

Terratrip Remote Control;Terratrip Foot Remote

Hand Remote $55.00
Foot Remote $35.00

Rally Computer Operation Manuals

Terratrip (website)
Terratrip Rally Computers (pdf)
Terratrip DSI Box (pdf)

Brantz (website)
Brantz Rally Computers (pdf)
Brantz Prescaler (pdf)
Brantz Sensors (pdf)

Coralba (website)
Coralba Brochure (pdf)
Coralba C-Giant (pdf)

Alfa (website)
Alfa Brochure (pdf)
Alfa Elite Manual (pdf)
Alfa Pro Manual (pdf)

Alfa Drivers Display manual (pdf), Race and Rally Equipment | Alberta is a Calgary, Albert, Canada based source of performance parts and safety equipment for race and rally teams. Focusing on legal racing activities whether that is drag racing, sports car racing, stock cars, sprint cars, drifting, off road 4x4 and street/show cars, we can provide the equipment needed as teams and drivers try to improve the performance of their vehicles to GO RACING and WIN RACES!
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